About Apprenticeships

We know that the standard education model can’t keep up with the web’s universe—curriculum becomes outdated as the tech we use quickly morphs into something new. Technologies come and go at light speed. But the industry still needs qualified recruits as it grows towards a brighter future.

Apprenticeships are temporary training programs (usually three months to a year), focused on teaching the process of building quality, intentional code to solve problems. Apprentices work alongside seasoned professionals, learning the tools of the trade in the real world—gaining experience that will benefit them (and the web as a whole) for a lifetime.

Apprentices Learn While in Orbit

Apprentices get the benefit of learning from people who have been around the solar system—gaining practical knowledge of an industry where the barrier to entry can sometimes feel high. And they get paid to do it.

Test-Flight Potential Hires

And they’re not just good for the apprentices—companies who hire apprentices benefit too. Imagine getting the opportunity to take a test-flight before you hire, letting you know if recruits are the right fit for the long term. Not only that, you get to train them to work the way your team does, so they’ll be ready to fly come launch day.

Every generation has the obligation to free men's minds for a look at new worlds... to look out from a higher plateau than the last generation.

- Ellison S. Onizuka, Challenger Astronaut

Why We Built This Site

As apprentices ourselves, we learned firsthand the value of participating in an apprenticeship. Getting immersed in code was the best way to learn a modern approach to building the web. We got to pair with professional developers, had regular reviews, and dove deep into the world of Object Oriented Programming, Test Driven Development, and creating modular frontend code. It was the best way possible to expand on our existing industry experience, and it gave us the tools we needed for a successful career on the web.

  • Kasey Bonifacio

    I'm passionate about web development and love constantly learning new ways to make the web more awesome. Before starting the Sparkbox apprenticeship, I had three years of frontend design and development under my belt. Once the apprenticeship is finished, I plan to be on the path to become a full-stack developer. When I can pry myself away from the computer, I can be found spending time with family, cooking, or being crafty.

  • Lauren Dorman

    I'm a designer and frontend developer who is passionate about making the web both beautiful and usable. I pride myself on staying in the loop on current design trends and practices. I'm a firm believer that learning is something that you should never stop doing. There is always an opportunity to grow, learn, and share best practices with people around you. When my eyes aren't glued to a screen, I enjoy cycling, discovering new tunes, and traveling.

  • Dan Rosenthal

    Before my Sparkbox apprenticeship, I wrote frontend code and copy for Uncrate and Devour. Responsive design and web content are my thing. I'm passionate about the intersection of content and frontend code and am constantly working to improve my skills in JavaScript and Ruby. When I'm not being a desk monkey, you can find me tinkering with my '33 Ford Hotrod, keeping my Netflix queue in check, or putting the finishing touches on my latest Lego Star Wars set.

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